The Ultimate Guide to Kids Blackout Curtains and Blinds

As any new parent will tell you, sleep is one of the greatest challenges you’ll face when having a baby. The amount of sleep you get is determined entirely by the sleeping patterns of your child, which is why it’s so important to develop healthy sleep routines from an early age.

Blackout curtains and blinds (also known as blockout curtains and blockout blinds) are highly recommended by baby sleep consultants to create an ideal sleeping environment for your little one. A solid night’s sleep is vital for healthy development in children, helping to promote growth and vascular health, while increasing attention span and learning ability. A well-rested baby means a happy baby, which means a happy mum and dad!

Not just beneficial in the nursery, blackout curtains and blinds are ideal for the ultimate shift workers… the mums and dads! Parents are up night and day juggling their children’s sleep cycle while maintaining jobs and housework, with block-out curtains and blinds helping to create a dark and soothing environment to get the sleep needed to balance a busy lifestyle.

How to select baby room curtains

For the optimal blackout bedroom experience, combine both block-out curtains and blinds together to ensure the most soothing sleep environment possible. This solution creates a double layer of blackout fabric, with the blackout curtains accounting for any light spills around the edges of the blackout blinds.

For nurseries, the most popular option is to use blackout blinds as the main window covering, complemented by decorative curtains on top. This winning combination is perfect for blocking light during daytime naps, while the decorative curtain can be customized to suit the décor of your child’s room. As an added benefit, decorative curtains can be easily changed in the future if you redecorate, without the cost of installing a new blind system.

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Sheer curtains are another popular selection for children’s rooms, as they create day time privacy while still allowing soft natural light to stream through. This effect can be created with sheer curtains over blackout blinds, or with our dual blinds which offer both semi-transparent and blackout roller blinds on the one control system.

Ensure safe installation of your blackout blinds and curtains

Once you’ve made a decision about the blackout curtains and blinds that are right for you, it’s important to ensure the blinds and curtains in your children’s room are installed safely.

At Abbey Blinds and Curtains, safety is our top priority and our products are always installed to Australian child safe guidelines. With over 28 years of experience installing blinds and curtains for nurseries and children’s rooms, we guarantee a safe and reliable installation every time.

Our main objective is to ensure controllers, brackets and rails are securely fixed to the walls so there is no risk of strangulation or danger. In some older homes the walls become weak, creating a risk of the brackets becoming unstable. Using a professional installer eliminates this risk by ensuring brackets are securely installed.

Looking for safe, reliable installation of blackout curtains and blinds? Contact us today to find the right solution for your nursery.


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