5 Reasons Why Roller Blinds are Perfect for the Office

Run a business? Always feel a little concerned about break-ins when you lock up at 5.00PM? Sick of walking into a hot and stuffy office first thing in the morning? Consider roller blinds as your next office investment.

Here are five reasons why:

1. Control the temperature

On those long stints of 40-degree days, you can’t not reach for the air conditioner remote. Even when you walk into the office at 8.30AM, it’s already hot and stuffy. Roller blinds block the sun from coming in, so your office stays cooler. It regulates the temperature and provides insulation, too. This means, opening windows on those milder days (in the 20’s) will probably suffice. Compare your power bill at the end of the quarter and you’ll notice a drop.

Mermet Duel Roller Blinds System, Suncreen & Blockout Blinds, Western Australia

Above: Blockout Roller Blinds

2. Protect your furniture

When those harmful rays are soaking into your office, your furniture can become compromised. Safeguard your chairs, desks, computers, and carpet from damaging sun rays. Roller blinds mitigate the damaging effects of constant sun exposure. You control the amount of light that comes in – when those rays are at their lowest.

Mermet Lintex Blockout Roller Blinds, Western Australia

Above: Blockout Roller Blinds

3. Greater security & privacy

If intruders are comparing which properties to break into, they’re going to choose the one that looks the easiest to access. This won’t be the one with indoor shutters. If your office is located on the ground floor of a building, adding blinds to your windows makes it impossible for them to see what’s inside. If they can’t scope it, they’ll simply move onto the next.


Above: Translucent & Sunscreen Roller Blinds 

4. Adding style

On top of the functional benefits, modern roller blinds can dress up your interiors. Match your new blinds to your current look, giving your customers a great first impression and your employees a positive environment. They’ll have more control over factors that affect their performance, such as glare and heat. This window covering solution adds value to your property, if you own it and choose to sell in the future.

Plantation Shutters

Above: Indoor Blinds Perth

5. Minimal maintenance

Forget about always having to clean your windows. With roller blinds, they’ll start nice and fresh, even after those big storms. The blinds themselves don’t require much in the way of maintenance, either. You can (just about) set and forget, with a few basic upkeep tips. Our technicians can advise you on what to do during the installation. If kept in good condition, roller blinds will last years, maybe decades.

Don’t turn a blind eye to security issues. Whether you want to up your security, save money on power bills or stylise your interior, you can achieve it with roller blinds. They’re not just a residential product, like many people think they are. Our blinds blend style and function.

Organise your free measure and quote and learn more about how your business can benefit from installing roller blinds. We’ll design them to perfectly fit your windows. Give your team a little extra comfort for their long eight-hour days. And you, too. Simply contact us or give us a call on 9440 5017 and one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to assist.



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