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  • Shadeview Zip trak Outdoor Blinds
  • Patio blinds
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  • Shadeview Zip trak Outdoor Blinds
  • Patio blinds
  • Alfresco Blinds
  • Outdoor awning

Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds are a great feature for any residential or commercial area, whether that be at your home or at a cafe. A good set of outdoor blinds allows you to entertain and enjoy your patio all-throughout the year. During the summer outdoor blinds will assist in cooling your outdoor area down and protecting against harsh UV rays. During the winter outdoor blinds will protect from harsh weather conditions such as strong winds or rain.

Abbey Blinds & Curtains offer a full range of custom outdoor blinds to suit any property. This range includes: outdoor alfresco blinds, outdoor patio blinds and outdoor awnings.

Our professional blind and curtain installers are experienced in all types of custom blinds. Ensuring that all blinds are set to be child safe for home, offices and apartments.

Our mobile showroom comes to you. We’ll show you the full range of outdoor blinds, offer a free measure and quote at factory direct prices. We have over 28 years of experience behind us in Blinds Perth and Curtains Perth. This experience is evident in the quality of our fabrics and components. You’ll notice the thoroughness of our service and the competitiveness of our pricing. We personally standby every single window treatment we deliver, which is demonstrated by a 2 year warranty. Looking for more information on outdoor blinds? Contact Abbey Blinds and Curtains on (08) 9440 5017.

Contact Abbey Blinds and Curtains for a free measure and quote. Our service is mobile and comes to you.

Alfresco Blinds

Alfresco Blinds PVC Outdoor Tinted Alfresco BlindAlfresco outdoor blinds are also known as cafe blinds. They are commonly used to shelter patio areas from the natural elements such as rain and sun while not interfering with the view. Our custom made alfresco blinds are easily controlled, rolling up and down as required. They are made with tinted or clear PVC fabric.

View our Alfresco Blinds. 

Shademesh Outdoor Patio Blinds

shadeview Zip Trak Outdoor BlindsShademesh blinds are another outdoor blinds solution. They protect outdoor areas from harmful UV rays, create privacy and cool the area without obstructing views. Our custom made shademesh blinds come in a variety of control options from the rope and pulley system, zip track and channel type blinds with optional extras.

View our Shademesh Outdoor Patio Blinds

Outdoor Awnings

Malina AwningsOutdoor extendable arm awnings are an ideal solution to easily create extra outdoor shade. They are custom made and are available in a variety of styles, sizes and colours.


View our Outdoor Awnings.

Outdoor Blind Products and Quality

It’s important to ensure your outdoor blinds are suitable for the Western Australian conditions and weather while lasting with time. Abbey Blinds and Curtains guarantee our custom outdoor domestic and commercial blinds, awnings, and shademesh products are the highest quality and we only work with Australian suppliers.

We offer quality service as all our outdoor blinds are supplied and installed by the owners of Abbey Blinds and Curtains, who have over 28 years experience in supplying and installing all the indoor and outdoor blind products and parts.

All our products have a manufactures guarantee.

Contact Abbey Blinds and Curtains today to book in a visit from our mobile showroom today.


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