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  • Custom Curtains Block Out Curtains Charles Parson
  • Custom Curtains Block Out Curtains Charles Parson

Blackout Curtains

Need to block out large volumes of light in your bedroom or home theatre room? Whether you’re coming off a long nightshift, need to darken a nursery or simply wish to sleep through the morning light, curtains with a blackout design are the stylish, easy-to-operate solution.  With blackout curtains if the lining fabric is 100% block out then no light will pass through to the fabric at the front. This makes them ideal for ‘blacking out’ the room during the day or for making bedrooms particularly dark during the night,

Our blackout curtains are made to order to ensure they create your desired light control result and are made from quality fabrics to ensure they don’t weaken over time. We have a wide range of fabrics, plains and patterns available for blackout curtains to ensure that they match your home’s unique décor.

When looking for the right blackout curtains it’s important to know which ones are best for your window environment. There are two types of 100% block out curtain styles available, one which is manufactured with an extra piece of fabric commonly known as lining and made from a blend of cotton and polyester. Majority of the time we use the 100% blockout lining, though there are one to three pass linings available in ivory, white or cream. It helps protect the fabric at the front from our harsh sun whilst blocking out light night or day and giving you full privacy, it also helps to create a soft look to your curtains, it’s well worth the extra expense.

The other option is coated curtain fabrics which has had a 100% blockout coated lining sprayed onto the back of curtain fabric and it is usually white. They are a cost effective way of still having blockout curtains, but with less expense. We carry a range of both options, including triple weaver fabrics.

Drape block out curtainsCoated Fabric Black out










Left: Blockout lined Curtains Right: Coated Fabric Curtains

For optimal blackout results, pair our blockout curtains with padded pelmets to stop light from spilling above the curtains.

Our mobile showroom comes to you. We’ll show you the full range of blackout curtains, offer a free measure and quote at factory direct prices. We have over 28 years of experience behind us in Blinds Perth and Curtains Perth. This experience is evident in the quality of our fabrics and components. You’ll notice the thoroughness of our service and the competitiveness of our pricing. We personally standby every single window treatment we deliver, which is demonstrated by a 2 year warranty. Looking for more information on blackout curtains? Contact Abbey Blinds and Curtains on (08) 9440 5017.

Contact Abbey Blinds and Curtains for a free measure and quote. Our service is mobile and comes to you.


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