Safe Installation of Blinds & Curtains

As soon as young children become part of your life, you start to realise just how much of a risk everyday household items, fittings and equipment can be. Things you never even noticed before suddenly present a danger and the thought of your little one getting hurt by something commonplace in your home can be overwhelming. It’s terrifying to think that your blinds and curtains are a hazard to babies, toddlers and children if they’re not installed correctly, which is why it’s absolutely essential that all window fittings must be installed to Australia child safe standards.

Abbey Blinds & Curtains custom install all our blinds and curtain products to the highest safety standards possible. We understand how important it is that window furnishings are correctly installed so they don’t present a danger to your children, and we are here to eliminate these concerns. You can rest assured that Warren, our experienced installer and business owner, will install all Abbey Blinds and Curtains to Australian safety standards. He has over 28 years’ experience in the industry and knows exactly what it takes to install blinds and curtains safely and securely.

Things to look out for when installing curtains and blinds

When purchasing blinds or curtains, make sure labels warn of any risks to children, that they provide secured cords and chains matching Australian safety standards, and that the blinds or curtains can operate without exposed cords or chains.
The most important factor you need to watch out for when installing curtains and blinds is how the cords ties are fitted and how the rails are fixed to the walls.

The Australia Commerce website outlines the strict rules to installing blinds and curtains in Australia – you can find more information about the risks and safety features here:

According to this website, the two main safety recommendations to look out for are:

1. No cords are loose or unsecuresafely installing blinds and curtains

All blinds and curtains, no matter how they are operated, must have their cords or chains fixed to a wall so they are never loose. Loose cords and chains are a major risk that can lead to strangulation – a potentially deadly risk which must be eliminated at all costs.

2. All fixtures are installed safety

When installing blinds or curtains, all rails, brackets and pelmets must be fitted correctly so there is no risk of danger. One of the biggest risks you need to be aware of is that in some older homes, walls can become weak, which creates the risk of rails, brackets and pelmets becoming unsteady and can lead to danger.

The safest way to install your blinds and curtains is to get a professional to do it for you. Cutting costs is not something you should be thinking about when the safety of your children is at risk.

Contact Abbey Blinds and Curtains today for cost effective curtain and blind installation and enjoy the peace of mind in having your blinds and curtain installation completed by experts where optimal safety is ensured.


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